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Be Thou An Example: for Youth Choir Sheet Music
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Be Thou an Example: performed by Brian D. Anderson & Susan Slaugh Listen Audio
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Be thou an example of the believers,
In word, in conversation,
In charity, and Spirit,
In faith, in purity.

We are Thy youth in  the latter days,
Given the duty to serve,
Given the Priv'lege to obey;
There are hands to grasp,
Minds to encourage,
Hearts to inspire,
And souls to save.
This is our time;
Time to show who we are,
Time to become and example;
That's how that we come unto Christ.

We'll show our light and they will follow
Through prayer, through faith in the Lord,
Through service, through example,
We'll try to be like Jesus.


You have a heritage; honor it.
You will meet temptation; withstand it.
You know the gospel truth; live it.
You have testimony; share it.


This is our time;
Time to show who we are,
Time to become and example;
That's how that we come unto Christ.

That's how that we come unto Christ.
About this piece...  
Be Thou An Example was the last of seven pieces I wrote for a Youth Fireside for our Stake.  I was asked in 2008 to direct a youth choir for a musical youth fireside the coming year.  The theme I was given was Be Thou An Example from 1 Timothy 4:12 and I had plans to use pre-existing music for the fireside.  A couple of months later, I was told that the Stake Youth Committee had changed the theme of the fireside to Come Unto Christ.  I searched for another pre-written fireside on the topic, but I was unsuccessful.  I decided to use different pieces from various composers for the fireside.  
One day as I was driving to the temple, wonderful melodies and words began to enter my mind.  I couldn't believe it!  I remember praying in the car and telling Heavenly Father that I didn't have time to write an entire fireside with all that I was currently doing.  And just before my panic could set in, an overwhelming feeling came over me.  I felt His Spirit very strongly and I heard the words, "I will help you."  I was afraid I would forget the lyrics, so every time I would think of a new line I would call home and sing it into my answering machine.  I wrote one song on the 25 minute drive to the temple, and one on the way back.  
Later that day, our family was reading in the Book of Mormon about Alma the younger.  I felt very strongly that the narration and songs needed to follow the life of Alma the younger.  Alma is a wonderful example of someone who overcame great challenges to later come unto Christ and become a great prophet.  By the end of the day I had written four songs.  In the next two days, I wrote two more songs bringing the total to six.  I felt this was a good amount of music for a youth fireside and I was done.  
I spent two days moping around.  Why was I not feeling overjoyed?  I loved the music and I'd received so much inspiration when writing the pieces, but I felt like something was missing.  That Sunday after church, I began reading some talks by President Monson and I came across two of his talks entitled Be Thou An Example.  And then it hit me!  The Spirit touched my heart and I knew that I had one more piece to write.  I knew that the final piece would be the greatest.  This piece would come from the words of a living prophet, Thomas S. Monson.  The piece tied in the youth theme for the year of Be Thou An Example with the theme of Come Unto Christ.   
When I wrote Be Thou An Example, I felt the Spirit the entire time.  It was like going to the temple, but in my own home.  It was an amazing experience.  I could picture and hear the youth of our church singing, "This is our time!  Time to show who we are!  Time to become an example!  That's how that we come unto Christ!"  When our youth in the San Antonio West Stake sang this piece... the Spirit was so strong.  They are valiant and strong youth.  And when they sang, I was so full of the Spirit and overjoyed.  
The irony of the evening was that is was my 30th birthday.  I have never received a more wonderful present than to have felt the Lord's hand so much through music.  I indeed feel blessed and eternally grateful for the talents and inspiration the Lord has given me.  
~Susan Slaugh, April 27, 2009  

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