Susan Slaugh
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Dear Susan, 

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the free music and resources to learn it that you have on your website. My sister and I are both pregnant right now and have had conversations lately about how scared we are to raise our children up in this crazy world. I was looking for a song to sing with her for a teacher's appreciation dinner  for the primary teachers when I found your song, In Thy Hands. It has really hit home as it was personally meaningful to us, not to mention the fact that it was absolutely perfect to sing to a group of primary teachers. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your willingness to make it so easy to access the music. I feel a deep appreciation as well to our Heavenly Father and the inspiration He's given you. I know He lead me to your website and I'm incredibly grateful that He did! I also know that a lot of the teachers got tons from the message of that song. Thank you again so much!

~Lauralee Thompson, 5/28/13

Aloha Susan,

I just wanted to tell you that today we used your descant for "Choose the Right" in our primary program.  Everyone loved it - kids and audience alike.  Thank you for sharing your talents with us.  We are in the Laie 8th Ward of the Laie North Stake on Oahu in Hawaii.  

I also looked deeper at your other resources on your website.  You have been inspired - especially as the new age for missionaries was announced.  We need to prepare our children for missionary service now.  I love your guide to Independence and your Family Home Evening schedule based on Preach My Gospel.

Thank you again!!!  
Caryn Houghton, 10/22/12
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