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  I Feel It Now: for Tenor Solo & Youth Choir Sheet Music
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About this piece...  
I Feel It Now is one of seven pieces that I wrote for a musical youth fireside for our Stake.  This piece describes the feelings that Alma the younger must have had when he was going through the repentance process.  The soloist sings about knowing all of his weaknesses and faults and asks for help.  The youth choir sings the same phrase over and over, "He knows your sorrow; He's here to lift you up.  He will forgive you, just take His hand."  The climax of the piece is when Alma has gone through the repentance process and now feels the Spirit.  I will never forget how powerful the Spirit was when a young man in our Stake tenderly and quietly sang, "I feel wonderful, beautiful, pure and clean, joy and love.  Now I feel His love again... Father I feel it now."  We all go through this same process of struggle and joy when we have need of repentance.  It's a piece that we all can relate to.  
Please see the notes under Be Thou An Example for more details about how this piece and the fireside came about.  

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