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I'll Show My Faith: for Alto & Soprano Duet Sheet Music
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I'll Show My Faith: performed by Heather Wickern Listen Audio
I'll Show My Faith: accompaniment only Listen Audio
About this piece...  
I'll Show My Faith is one of seven pieces that I wrote for a musical youth fireside for our Stake.  The Alto part for this came to me very quickly as did both parts for the chorus, but the Soprano verse did not come to me immediately.  I played around with some melodies and then I began thinking of a certain young woman in my ward.  Ever since she was young she has had a beautiful voice.  As I began listening to her voice in my head, the Soprano melody and words came quickly and easily.  Both youth who sang this piece did an excellent job, but it was a very spiritual experience for me to actually hear  this sweet youth sing the part I had been inspired to write for her.   
The alto part is like our thoughts.  Why am I here?  What should I be doing?  We all know some answers, but ultimately we must show our faith so we may learn more.  The soprano part is the answer to the first questions as if our Heavenly Father was speaking back to us.  "I know your joys and fears.  I am here."  The whole writing process of this song was like a prayer for me.  As this whole fireside related to Alma the younger, I'm sure he would have had similar thoughts, prayers, and answers from our Heavenly Father.  
Please see the notes under Be Thou An Example for more details about how this piece and the fireside came about.  

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