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About this piece...  
This piece is very dear to my heart.  One day when I was driving to a rehearsal for an orchestra I played with, I began thinking about my son to be.  I was pregnant with my third child, my second son.  I began worrying about raising him in this mixed up world.  I began worrying about all of my children.  The melody and words for the first verse came quickly to me as I thought about my unborn son.  At the time, I was not fond of the opening phrase I had used "Make me an instrument in Thy Hands," but every time I tried to rewrite it I felt strongly that I needed to keep the phrase.  I later learned why.  
On the drive home from my rehearsal I began thinking about my oldest son.  I worry about him so much.  He is such a good son with a pure heart, but I worry about him going off on his own someday.  I began thinking about the mission that he would someday serve, and then as tears filled my eyes every word of the second verse came quickly to my mind.  Still to this day, I cannot sing the second verse without crying.  "Guide him, when I'm not there.  Lift him up, when he falls."  
I wrote out the piece and sang it for myself because it gave me comfort.  I could picture other Mothers singing this about their sons who would serve missions.  I did not know this piece would also serve another purpose.  
A few months later, I was reading in the Ensign and the Visiting Teaching theme for the year was "Become an Instrument in the Hands of God by..."  I couldn't believe it; it was so similar to the piece I had written.  However, I kept the piece to myself not really knowing what to do with it.  Later that year, I was asked to sing a song for a visiting teaching conference.  I was told to pick a piece having to do with the theme, "Becoming an Instrument in the Hands of God."  Once again I couldn't believe it!  Instantly I knew that I was supposed to sing the song I had written.  Simply by changing the "hes and hims" to "shes and hers" the message of the piece fit perfectly with the Relief Society theme.  For those of us who truly care about those we visit teach, the words could not have fit better, "Guide her when I'm not there.  Lift her up when she falls."  Since that time, I've only been asked to sing this piece for Relief Society functions and the Spirit felt has been amazing.  But, someday I hope to sing In Thy Hands for it's original purpose; when my sons leave on their missions.  
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