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Share His Word: for Tenor Solo Sheet Music
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Share his Word: performed by Brian D. Anderson Listen Audio
Share His Word: accompaniment only Listen Audio
About this piece...  
Share His Word is one of seven pieces that I wrote for a musical youth fireside for our Stake.  As I wrote this fireside, I read a lot about Alma the younger and the steps he made to come unto Christ.  This is his missionary song.  This is a piece for anyone out there who feels like they're doing well in life, but still feels like there's more to do.  The climax of the piece is when the soloist sings about what he hopes others will feel by him sharing the gospel.  "Joy, love, hope, Him."  Even though I wrote this piece for the fireside, I picture this piece also being sung on it's own merits.  A song that others can sing and feel the Spirit of as they prepare for a mission.    
Please see the notes under Be Thou An Example for more details about how this piece and the fireside came about.  

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