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How do you write your music?

Most of the time, when I'm alone or in a quiet place, the music just starts flowing into my head.  I really feel that most of my music is inspired and that's why it comes so quickly.  I usually write down the lyrics and melodies at the same time and then go back and write out the accompaniments.
Why don't you sell the music and other items on your website?

I feel that most of what I create has been inspired from my Heavenly Father, so I would have a difficult time selling something from him.  I get asked this question a lot about "The Book of Mormon Study Guide for Children," but if I can provide something that will help others read the scriptures more and draw closer to Christ, how could I put a price on that?  Helping others read the scriptures is something I would gladly do for free.  Also with my music; I love creating music.  I do it for fun and I do it when inspired.  I want others to be able to enjoy my music without feeling the burden of paying for it.  
How do you record your music?

Lol.  I do not have a professional set up at all...maybe someday.  Right now, I have people recording in my closet.  It's the most sound proof room in the house and has lots of clothes to buffer out reflective sound.   Even though the recordings are not perfect, I still think they are descent and will hopefully provide people a taste of my music as they come across my site.
How do you convert MP3s to WAV files for a CD?

To convert MP3s to WAV files you need specialized software.  I use Sony Acid, but this and other software can cost a pretty penny.  So, if you're looking for something free I would use Audacity.  Audacity can be downloaded for free at  Once you download the software simply click File, then Open, and open your music.  Then click File, Export as WAV, and you're done.  It's that easy!  Audacity is also a good music editing software if you ever need to edit music.  I'm not an expert on Audacity, so please use the help files if you have any questions.
What program do you use to write you're music?

I use Finale PrintMusic to write out my music.  I've tried other software and this is my favorite so far!  However, if you're looking for something simple and cheap, Finale Notepad is about $10 and works fine.
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